Jenna here, your owner at Iron North Studio. I've been around the block in the fitness and wellness industry. I've been a member of big gyms, corporate studios, I've run long and short races, participated in Yoga retreats overseas, tried the latest name it. I've always been an athlete of many trades, master of a few. In the past, I've jumped from goal to goal, exploring what kind of fitness and athlete I wanted to achieve. Who says you have to stick to one thing and just do that? One year I've focused on strength and lifting and the next on completing an Ironman Triathlon. I see fitness as something part of our everyday life and that we shouldn't feel limited to one type of fitness to keep us healthy, motivated and be working toward our goals. Life evolves and so does your fitness. We created Iron North with that philosophy in mind. 


We are proud to be Wellington West's first multi-discipline boutique fitness studio which encourages our guests to stay healthy in more than one way. Our schedule is filled spin, strength and yoga classes with the addition of run club at least twice a year. We have coaches and instructors who specialize in their field leading (who have also tried most things once). Creating low ratio classes per week is most important to us. Our purpose is to provide the highest integrity of instruction by keeping class sizes small and to establish a community within our walls. We want our guests to actually be noticed, acknowledged and coached. There is no reason why we can't know everyone's name and goals. Our industry typically encourages high volume and sales but our mission is a little different. We're all about you, not your wallet.


Our fitness studio is beyond lifting weights or taking a spin class. We are a family, a network, a social circle. Our team and people through our doors are the cornerstones of what fuels us to succeed. We consciously step away from what's simply trendy or industry standard and revisit our roots of why we choose this industry in the first place. We are here to good coaches, but most importantly, real people. Bring us a Suzy Q doughnut any day.


At INS, you are not judged or expected to fit into an 'ideal' consumer category. Your body, your experience and your story are respected and treated with respect and encouragement. We have a collective goal to spread as much love and sweat as we can.


Come meet us and see for yourself in person :)