Our community and neighbours are an extension of our families. We are honoured to work alongside some of the best local business, started by people just like us. Our friends have followed their dreams and goals and now provide an exceptional product and customer service. We'd like to say thanks to the local businesses that have supported us and who continue to inspire us along this awesome ride. Check out some of our friends below (and let them know we say hi!) 

Crossfit Wolvish
Welcome to CrossFit Wolvish, where the community unites over the constant pursuit of wellness and the endless exploration of physical fitness.
Strongbar Nutrition
Our signature protein bar Pure Strength leads the Strongbars Nutrition product line. We want to inspire you while also offering clean, healthy nutritional supplements that use only high-quality pure protein and simple organic ingredients (with no brackets on the ingredient list).
Urban Juice Press
Never Pasteurized. Always Organic. Local Whenever We Can. Your Ottawa-local Cold-Pressed Juice Co.
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The Ties that Bind Us.