Developing good nutritional habits is an essential skill that athletes and non-athletes alike should be practising each and every day. With the hurdles of life, it is all too easy to set your health goals aside and crush that bag of chips. On the contrary, it can also be confusing trying to keep up with the latest nutritional "trends" and finding out which protocol works best for you. We've eliminated the guesswork with our custom nutrition programming, designed to complement your lifestyle, goals and unique needs. No two bodies are alike and therefore your nutrition should be a reflection of you and your needs alone! We're proud to host one of Ottawa's best Registered Holistic Nutritionists to assist you with a consultation or a full nutrition program. 


BRITTANY Gordon, rhn.

Packages starting at $165. Please inquire about options and pricing.



Nutrition F. A. Q



What are your Terms of Service?

Upon booking, Brittany will provide you her individual Terms of Service and agreements to review together before you begin. 


Will you accommodate for my dietary preferences/needs?

Of course! Each nutrition package takes into consideration each individual's dietary preferences and restrictions. If your preference is to eat only chips, your nutritionist will of course tweak that suggestion, but the majority of dietary needs will be respected.

Where do I meet for my consultation?

You will meet with your nutritionist at Iron North Studio at a time you both are available. 


How can I pay for my services?

Credit, cash, cheque or e-transfer. 


Will I be tracking my food online or in a notebook?

This is at yours and your nutritionist's discretion. Your nutritionist will choose a path that will work best for the both of you together. Remember, each plan is customized to your needs!


What if I also want Personal Training or classes at Iron North Studio?

We've got a custom rate for you! Existing and future clients at Iron North Studio will receive a custom quote for each bundled package. Please inquire with your nutritionist for options.


What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Upon booking your first meeting your nutritionist will advise you what you need to come prepared with in advance which will include an intake form.


I have another question that is not listed here, who do I ask?

Email us directly right here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.