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Everyone should have the chance to work with a personal trainer. Personal training offers the athlete the chance to be assessed, coached, encouraged and observed in a one-on-one or semi-private environment. Personal training client needs vary and no two programs, approach or coaching method should be alike. We take the concept of personal seriously. We cater to your goals, needs, learning style and preferences. Whether you're working with a trainer to kick start a routine, as a vehicle for regular fitness or to work on a sport-specific skill, our trainers are equipped and psyched to work with anybody.



Intro to Personal Training
3 Sessions * | $190 


10 Sessions| $900 


20 Sessions | $1700


50 Sessions| $3750 


Need help? No sweat. Contact us and we'll point you in the right direction.

**Intro Package is available to first time PT clients. All prices exclude HST.




  1. Send us an email or stop by for a visit to discuss your options.


  2. Pick up a package online or in the studio and connect with your trainer. 


  3. Meet with your trainer. Your first session will always be an assessment!

  4. Workout with your trainer on your own schedule, according to your own goals.
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