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 Our personal training philosophy is pretty simple; we help our clients become better and more functional athletes. We want you to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse because you have the energy, strength, mental toughness and stamina to out-live all the other suckers around you. Smarter, faster, strong and harder to kill. Our trainers are focused on helping you achieve your individual goals (whether that be weight loss, muscle gain, athleticism, etc) while simultaneously correcting dysfunction, immobility and weaknesses throughout your body. No two training programs are the same but each experience is designed to push you closer to your physical and mental goals of becoming a more awesome version of who you were yesterday. 


Getting started

Ready to get started with a little masochistic selflove? We're excited for you. First, you can request a trainer below or let us choose one best suited to meet your goals and schedule. Next, we'll book you in for your first session. Your first session will include a Functional Movement Systems Screen and a mock "mini" workout so that your trainer can evaluate your baseline functional movement and fitness. You'll spend a lot of time talking during your first session so that you understand your trainer's evaluation and result of your assessment. Then, your trainer will take the data collected from this initial session and program your PT experience accordingly. Each 50-minute session will be unique from the last and will be tailored to your personal goals, all while correcting any dysfunction at the same time. Book all your sessions in advance or as you go - it will be up to you and your trainer to discuss frequency, timing and more. 

Meet our trainers

Scroll over each photo to read about each trainer. Got a question about a trainer? Email us. Ready to book? Click here to purchase all PT packages today! We'll connect with you after your purchase to book your first session.


with: Karen, Lacey, Brittany:


Single Session - $95 + HST

Intro to PT - $190 + HST (3 sessions, new clients only)

10 Sessions - $900 + HST

20 Sessions - $1650 + HST

50 Sessions - $3750 + HST





with: Jenna


Single Session - $110 + HST

Intro to PT - $200 + HST (3 sessions, new clients only)

10 Sessions - $1000

20 Sessions - $1900

50 Sessions - $4500


Athletes agree to participate in the fitness and/or endurance program set forth and led by a certified personal trainer/ coach with Iron North Studio in a designated fitness centre. The certified Personal Trainer/Coach is providing the athlete with advice, and guidance for the terms set out below, and in return for such services the athlete must agree to the following:


  • To participate in the program for the identified sessions and pay the fee determined before sessions commence (full amount due before scheduled training begins). If an alternate arrangement has been made between the athlete and trainer, both parties must respect this moving forward.

  • To notify the coach of necessary cancellations by phone and/or email notification 24 hours before of the athlete's scheduled Personal Training sessions (if applicable).

  • Cancellations by the athlete within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment are subject to a charged session in full (if applicable).

  • The trainer/coach’s time is valuable. If the athlete arrives late for the scheduled session, extra time may not be added to my session, upon the trainer/coach’s discretion (if applicable).

  • The athlete is aware of the risks and dangers involved in fitness activities and understands that they are participating of their own free will under the guidance of a certified fitness professional.

  • All sessions/coaching must be completed by the package expiration date

  • All personal training packages are a minimum of three months. All endurance coaching is a minimum of 8 weeks. 

  • No holds, refunds, exchanges or extensions on training and coaching packages, or as per the discretion of the trainer.

  • The athlete understands that any sort of exercise/activity/nutrition prescription can lead to injury, illness or death. 

  • All services exclude HST which will be applied to the final price at checkout.

  • Payment is accepted in cash, cheque, Interact E-transfer, VISA, MasterCard or debit.

  • Meeting requests are subject to each coach’s availability.