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COVID-19  class Schedule

Updated: December 26th, 2020

Due to Ontario's Emergency Response and the City of Ottawa's Public Health guidelines, we are offering a unique schedule with classes on Zoom only (indoor and outdoor classes are suspended). Please follow this link to view a printable copy of our current class schedule. Always consult our live schedule (below) for updates, additions and cancellations.


Scroll down below to register for all online and outdoor classes.

Here's what we are offering (as of October 10th):

Zoom classes: Pre-register for Zoom classes like you would regular class. You must have a class pass, membership or purchase a regular drop-in. Classes are 40 - 60 minutes and mimic an in person class as closely as possible. Some Zoom classes are also offered on indoor at the same time.

Outdoor classes * SUSPENDED*: You must have a class pass, membership or purchase a regular drop-in. Bring a yoga mat or towel that you don't mind getting dirty / wet. Classes are on rain or shine (unless there is lightning). Please bring sunscreen / hat if you are sensitive to sun as we can't guarantee shade. Please meet in front of the studio 5-10 minutes before class is scheduled to begin.

Indoor classes *SUSPENDED*: Pre-register for ALL indoor classes (space is extremely limited as athletes are required to maintain a 10-ft distance apart from one another in class). Beginners to advanced athletes welcome for most classes! Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of your indoor class and with clean, indoor shoes.


No tricks or gimmicks - just straight cycling, pumping music and fun times. Workouts are performance based. Cues are based on watts + RPM (revolutions per minute) using your bike's personal bluetooth compatible console. 


Adjust your own resistance and learn how to build your power over time. Save your workouts using the FREE Keiser M3i app!




Kettlebells and barbells are part of this hour long class. Learn to lift olympic bars and/or move a kettlebell by starting with skill development. Then work up a bigger sweat through strength and conditioning in a unique format that changes each class.

This class is perfect for those looking at developing strength, muscle and new skills with a barbell or kettlebell!




Explore a muscle group and melt into soft tissue work (foam rolling, etc), gentle joint manipulation and purposeful stretching. Perfect for the stiff athlete to the new mom.


Wrap up class with 10 blissful minutes of guided meditation for sleep.




Our heaviest lifting class. Roll through an Olympic style lift(s) in a progressive hour building toward a heavy max goal. The athlete should be comfortable with barbell deadlifts, cleans, pressing and squatting. Recommended for experienced athletes only.


Needs some variety?  Experience a double hit of TWO modalities in one class.


Lift, then stretch or cycle then grab dumbbells. A two-in-one balanced experience.


A perfect multi-discipline approach to fitness! This is a great class for those who want to try a different modality or are looking for extra variety.


Strength is our most popular, muscle building class.


Strength classes develop new skills and work through reps + sets using all the toys. This class combines classic strength with a sprinkling of cardio.

Rise N' Grind classes waste no time. Expect more cardio, less skill development, first thing in the morning!

Movements are scaled to the experience level and mobility capabilities of each athlete.


Ebb, flow and stretch out tired and tight muscles. All yoga classes are unheated with a heavy focus on rest and recovery. Perfect for yogis to beginners. Try yin, power, flow or a combination class to start or end your day.

Yoga Tune-Up incorporates soft tissue work using designated therapy tools. All tool are provided.


Remove your arms and legs and voila, you've got your core. Screw the crunch - we work your whole trunk (abs, back, hips, glutes and thoracic cavity) with dynamic full body strength and conditioning movements.



Join us each week for a class designed to challenge the body and mind through all-levels strength and conditioning exercises. Anything goes here. Be prepared to sweat, move and plan on a big breakfast after class.


We go high, then we go low. Alternate between shorter bursts of cardio and strength for a heart-pumping workout designed to target your anaerobic system through resistance and movement.