Imagine a meal plan and nutrition guidance that didn't include personal biases, sponsored products or fancy groceries. Imagine working with a nutritionist who encourages growth through failure, progressive success and one-on-one facetime so that your new habits really stick for a lifetime.


Registered holistic nutritionist Brittany Gordon is at your service delivering over six years of experience, practical application and real-life recipes even your pickiest kids will actually eat. Whether you're an athlete looking to get faster or a new parent looking to shed some pounds, Brittany is here to customize your plan and experience just for you.

Eat food.



not too much.

Each nutrition option is based on the specific needs of each client. All potential coaching programs begin with a 60-90 minutes  initial consultation, where the client has the opportunity to meet Brittany.   Although each client is different all packages will include healthful recipes, grocery lists, loads of nutrition learning and much more.



  1. Send Brittany an email and let Britt know what you're looking for.


  2. Schedule an initial appointment with Brittany. 


  3. Choose your package with Brittany and schedule subsequent meetings.

  4. Go forth and go conquer your nutrition goals together!